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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
I have noticed that it also pulls noobs out of the woodwork who no one knows or seen be at the field. apparently a noob host gives noob players a sense of security that they can finally crawl out of their hole and play a game, instead of starting at a game with lots of vets and experienced players who will spend the time to answer questions and help a new player out.

It seems that they are scared to play some of the bigger games with well known figures in this community.
yep, they're thinking "oh man its not gonna be all strict like when that m103598743575 guy does his games there" and BAM! you have a bunch of idiots running around playing 6mm paintball and ignoring the safety rules.

also, unkown randoms bother me both on the field and in the staging area, they:

1. usually don't call their hits, or they call others out for them
2. usually run hi-caps and spray everywhere
3. have no concept of MED's
4. usually have no safety in the safe zones
5. usually come in jeans and a hoody or some other inappropriate attire
6. don't listen to the rules regarding respawns, or how/where to exit the field so as not to fuck up the game for the remaining players
7. talk too much during the game
8. I don't like leaving my shit in the staging area with a bunch of ppl I don't know, especially when the other ASC people there don't know them, something goes missing and everyone gets pissed

To KoolAidMan:

The "trapdoor issue" is not an issue at all, there happens to be a hole in the floor for accessing a ladder to the ground floor, not knowing that the hole is there or not watching where you are stepping is dangerous, make sure others are aware of this. Don't say that you are going down to CQB to "make sure the trapdoor issue has been addressed" there is nothing to be addressed but to let ppl know to watch their step, which they should already be doing anyway.

Also, how many games have you been to apart from the one Defcon game?

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