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Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
On the higher then standard indoor fps , i was thinking since its nearing the end of the regular outdoor season some people may not have there springs changed yet that is my reason behind that .

But i will lower since its causing me to much backlash.

Also for the drug bust and bomb diffusal games i will have some props a package of drugs and a briefcase with a stop watch inside that you must stop before the time is up

You're kidding right?

You would compromise everyone's safety to save a couple of lazy ass goobs the trouble of swapping a spring?

Right there you have disqualified yourself as having the proper mind set to be an effective host.

350 should be considered the MAXIMUM FPS not the Target ..

280 to 330 is optimal .. 350 is allowed

There is nowhere within CQB Paintball that is outside of the effective range of practically any AS gun.. even shooting at 280 fps. There is no use or need for higher FPS except to hit your friends harder.
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