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I hate to thread jack here

But I like this paradox going on

Before Ronan use talk big about his Systema and its awesomeness but now he has opted for a GBB-R brand that some people hesistate about and is now the brand defender of that.

And then

Kullwarrior, haven't seen his post until this year and he's now talking big about GBB-R brands that are the best (Yes I know Magna and WA are wonderful so no need to go in detail about it)

I can predict 3 years or maybe 2, the arguments about what the best AEG brand will probably be minimal or cease to exist and then people will be talking all about what GBB-R brands and which one works out of the box. And then there will be Elitist GBB-R brand guys who feel the need to be the Defender of the brand.

Times are interesting for sure

Back on topic
Along the lines of this review I would say good job for consolidating all the information that would be needed for those who like to tinker and what parts may be needed.

Aside from the Brand Defender argument, I would say good review.
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