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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
If your definition of failling drmactically excludes:
*Bolt Catch does not lock back every time at stock
*Magazine Included will leak within 200 rounds (and not getting better by it self)
*Nozzle and bolt carrier will break <500 rounds

Honestly, a good GBBR aint gonna be cheap, I can get a GBBR better than WOC for $1200 and a WOC sells at $1400. Toss in another $250 I can get a setup with RA-Tech NPAS BCG.
FYI if anyone needs to know the list Im working on a post for that.
Kull, a stock agm has issues, like a lot of stock aeg. I think we can all agree on that.

ALL the issues you mention are 100% fixable with upgrades. HECK my gen2 AGM does not have the bolt catch issue (and iv shot a couple hundred rounds already). The magazine are problematic, but theirs a fix for that (and a cheap one at that). Bolt carrier/nozzle is crappy, ra-tech fixed that, RWC has a fix for that, pro-arms has a fix for that, and the chinese npas will be another fix.

Honestly mate, all your issues have well known fix for them. If you want something 100% perfect out of the box, you have to make it yourself (which you are apparently). So... whats wrong?
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