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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
My 340 M16 is the most accurate airsoft gun i've ever seen.... except for the day it got lube on the rubber and my bbs were going everywhere... But still, I've taken out snipers with upgraded rifles from beyond their range. High FPS is helpfull but only for brush penetration. above 370 = bb exits barrel to violently and has shit accuracy(aside from the few very well tuned guns out there). below 300 the bbs are to weak to shoot through anything but may still have insane accuracy.

Just because every noob out there thinks high fps is everything does not make it so.

(edit: the numbers i used are approximates, I've never really invested any time to find out this info for certain but these numbers are the rule i use when upgradeing my guns)
i think it goes without saying that with higher fps, factors like bb weight and gun setup come into play. and just becuse your gun has weak-a$s fps doesn't make it more accurate than mine.
just because i don't... doesn't mean i can't.

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