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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Uhh... The flute valve breaks @ about 5 adjustments?
the NPAS will self reduce fps (not enough friction)
the plastic nozzle has a life of 500rounds
the plastic nozzle head found on NPAS set will break
  1. Get the original NPAS version (rather than the tool adjust version.)
  2. Fix it with plumber's tape or a dab of blue loctite
  3. The plastic nozzle can be swapped with an aluminum one. Replacement plastic ones are cheap, if you don't want to worry about splitting BBs. (My plastic nozzle has lasted me over 5,000 rounds now - 10 times more than what you're claiming.)
  4. Again, the plastic nozzle can be replaced. The new version is now replaceable. The previous version plastic bolt was integrated with the nozzle, which was a pain in the ass as it was not serviceable.
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