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Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
I'm guessing this is about the game i'm hosting i can assure you i will take all measures for safety for my game and inforce them.

If you think that i'm incapable of hosting then do not show up for this game and ask around to people who will go if the game if it was fine before you pass judgement
No its not just about you, the worst is the one that Ujiro posted about below. But there were also other games as well that have New guys hosting some have proven successful while others not so much if you take a look at the After Action report thread you'll find one about the crazy drama that once happened on the FR outdoor field

Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
I would agree with RockNRoll here. Like that guy who posted a thread for a game at FR a little while ago. He was new to the forums, and unverified. He said underagers were allowed, and he was charging like $30, and he said "Cost: $30 to be given to me, the host". Even though at FR, the money is less than that ($25 I think) and is given straight to the guys that work there.

I'm pretty sure he turned out to be like 16 or 17 lol.
And he copied his rules and info straight from Dr.Jimmy's tuesday night FR games threads.
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