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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
By definition to me a Noob Host is the following:
(They can have one or all of the characteristics)

- Not strict with rules
- No control of the game whatsoever
- Just came to play and have fun instead of hosting a good game
- Has no one to vouch for their hosting experience
- Sets rules and FPS limits that are not on par with the previous games done in the same venue
- Does not fully listen to experienced members
- Does not know how to setup a player list of attendance (Meaning +1's are unknowns)
I have noticed that it also pulls noobs out of the woodwork who no one knows or seen be at the field. apparently a noob host gives noob players a sense of security that they can finally crawl out of their hole and play a game, instead of starting at a game with lots of vets and experienced players who will spend the time to answer questions and help a new player out.

It seems that they are scared to play some of the bigger games with well known figures in this community.
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