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down here in lower mainland, we have a very nicely structured method of choosing our field marshals. Only chosen and the experienced can become one.

However a few months ago, we had this guy who became a field marshal(I've never seen him at any games before). I didn't really care at first until he refused to not call his hits FOUR times.

It was a pistol round and I Mk23ed him 4 Shots to the leg 30 feet(Yes, 30 feet). I had him flanked and I clearly saw the BBs hit him(I can't miss at 30 feet and not see the BB bounce). I kept shooting at him until I just gave up and screamed at him, then he called it.

A few weeks later another player told me that he was saying shit like "Dont light me up from this close, I have the right to ban you from games!"

Totally power trippin

just my 2 cents.
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