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My thoughts about this are the same with Rock, ujiro and Lasency (your name is hard to say)

By definition to me a Noob Host is the following:
(They can have one or all of the characteristics)

- Not strict with rules
- No control of the game whatsoever
- Just came to play and have fun instead of hosting a good game
- Has no one to vouch for their hosting experience
- Sets rules and FPS limits that are not on par with the previous games done in the same venue
- Does not fully listen to experienced members
- Does not know how to setup a player list of attendance (Meaning +1's are unknowns)

I have a very big problem with +1's and unknowns coming to games I hosted in the past. Some people would just show up without posting on the forum and bring their friends along who are not in the right attire and do not fully understand the rules of Airsoft games and most of the time they don't really care to hear the rules, they just want to shoot.

What can I do to host then?

Get to know the community better and go to all the different games in your area before hosting.
Especially the GTA players as this place is noob city with all the airsoft shops opening up in our area makes it easier to have more new players who may be good and nice but also leaves it open for bad ones.

My Personal take on hosting
I am relatively new here as well only a year under my belt, but before I hosted games at particular venues I always asked for advice and followed every rule to the best of my ability, and I would make sure I knew people that could vouch for me. I admit it was bumpy at first but I got to know some good people in the community before trying to host games. On a sidenote thanks to the Ghost guys (Endy/Safx) and Brian M. and good old Ancorp and Pus and father Tyson for showing me the ropes.

Once you get the feel of how Airsoft games go, then you should host. Reason I am saying this is not because automatically noob host are bad, I say this so you get to know what went well and what went wrong in a Airsoft game. Once you do that then you will be able to host a game with very little problems and no drama.

There are Newbie host and then there are noob host

Newbie host are people like me, got to know some good people in the community asked for help and advice and have people to vouch for me. Fully understand the rules in place and enforce them

Noob host are one gamers with very little Airsoft game hosting experience, tend to be unverified, and do not fully understand the rules nor know how to enforce them, and also do not understand why certain rules are in place

Noob Host should NOT host because if something terribly goes wrong not only do you mess things up for the people playing but for any future Airsofters that may want to use the particular venue
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