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For me it would depend. I mean if it was someone with no experience whatsoever save for a single game I'd be very wary.

If it was the same person who attended one game and got to know people and introduced themselves to the community, I could see it (but I still wouldn't go).

If it was the same person but they also had paintball game and hosting experience (woodsball not speedball) then yeah definitely.

However it seems like you're referring to someone who just has one game under their belt and maybe a few paintball games (like previous drop in paintball games), in that case yeah something should be done about that but it shouldn't be a big deal like you can't do this stop now. Maybe lend them a guiding hand and show them the ropes (or don't let them host games and make them a co-host so that they learn the tricks of the trade then when they become competent enough let them go out on their own).
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