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"Noobs" hosting games

Recently there has been an influx of "noobs" hosting games in the GTA. By noobs I mean people with little time here on the forums, haven't had time to establish a reputation and only a handful of people have met before. Am I the only one that sees this as a potential for something to go wrong?

I always thought that for someone to be a game host they must have an established reputation and a solid understanding of the locally accepted rules for games. Sure someone could say that have that understanding after 1 game, but is that person trustworthy? Who knows?

Personally I would not attend a game hosted by a person who's still wet behind the ears and know little about the person other than a post they made a month ago introducing themselves to the board and asking what AEG they should get as their first.

What are you thoughts on this topic?
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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