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Originally Posted by disasterarea View Post
Why don't you guys stop being a gang of elitist douches and try to HELP?

Also, TokyoSeven, had you actually researched your post, you would find that the only item tagged as airsoft on is a pack of BBs.
Why did you feel the need to revive a thread in which the OP got a valid answer and doesn't really need to be discussed anymore?

If you actually read the thread I posted A LOT of information and so did T7. In fact T7 said.

While we may not condone cheaper products, we do understand is that people sometimes have a budget. If you limit your budget be prepared to limit your expectations in terms of quality and performance. If you just want something for target shooting, buy a pellet gun.
If you're going to start shit then GTFO of the newbie tank. You're not required to come in here and read through. I myself may not be the most knowledgeable on airsoft but I still try to help newbies find their way (as long as they have legitimate questions and type with proper grammar and punctuation) as do most of the other members who come in here to post.
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