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Originally Posted by Richand View Post
So far when it comes to price i keep seeing WA as cheaper than TM(when i say this i mean stock vs stock and custom vs custom).
Sad isn't it?

WA's used to fetch a fair bit more
a year or 2 ago, than any other GBB's.
But times have changed, most new
guys have no clue about them or
where to get the scare parts for old
models so they avoid. Low demand
has sellers unloading them for less
or the same as a common TM. I'm
sure 90% of the WA's out there have
flowed through my hands over past
few years lol.

Meet me at TAC on a Friday and you
can see and fire my WA game pistols.
But don't blame me if you get bitten.
Retired Freedom 35
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