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WA's are higher in quality than most
other stock GBBs. There are plenty of
good reviews on them all over the web.

Most who usually post to questions like
this, know little to nothing.

The main reason there has always
been a limited supply of after market
parts for WA's is because they have
released so many different models
in short runs. So the aftermarket
parts are also in short runs. Obviously
the SV & 1911 lines are more popular
so more goodies were made for them.
TM has limited 2011/1911 models
that haven't changed in a long time
so more can be released for them.

All magna/scw1 are made extremely
well inside. very little will break and no
upgrades are needed for propane except
for a 150% hammer spring and a metal
slide. These models came with a heavy
(metal powder mixed) abs slide that's
a wee bit soft. The blowback/kick of WA's
has to be experienced. Their mags hold
more gas, last very long and the guns
them selves are heavier than TM's, 'bout
half of TM's 5.1 weight is in the mag.

Scw2/3 are made a little cheaper but
come with tightbore inner barrels, a stock
inner barrel assembly that TM is coming
closer to copying and different hammer
system. Scw2 have the same weak slides,
scw3 have newer abs slides with a metal
layer in between 2 abs layers making them
propane ready.

Almost all WA's can use the stock recoil
spring with a metal slide, because alu
slides are typically lighter. WA's also
don't suffer from the same metal slide +
chamber damage that TMs do ie: the lugs
sheer off under the slide, the plate where
the chamber returns gets bashed until
your gun get ruined. Collectors buy WA's
also because they're licensed copies and
have all the accurate trades/elements.

I collect and game WA's, been running my
main magna SV5 for over 5 years. Put a
metal slide on it from day 1, replaced the
nozzle after 5k shots, all the rest are stock
parts I rarely clean.

TM's have taken over the market due to the
cheaper entry, good performance out of box,
and because they're the honda, lots of dodads
to customize your model which has massive
appeal with the chairsofters.

Anything I missed, feel free to ask.
Retired Freedom 35
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