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Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt View Post
UPS is a rouge criminal organization run by the Russian mafia in co-operation with Al-Qaeda, the CIA and the FBI....and MI5, and the creators of Toy Story.

Brokerage fees are pure bullshit. It's mind blowing that companies can be allowed to shaft you like this....just because they can. Back in the say it may have been all in the name of fair trade. But in the internet age, a guy showing up at your door and demanding a hundred bucks or you lose your shit (which you couldn't have got any other way) is not really fair or negociable.

I will say that probably the best hands down for ordering anything online I'll seen is Tiger Direct. $3.99 for regular shipping on anything. My laptop ealier this year came in a box that could have easily held a whole desktop rig. Only cost me $3.99 and I got it in like 2 days. For some reason they use UPS....but they've got them botch slapped or something cause theye haven't tried to pull any shit on me. Aside from being complete morons and leaving a box that says "Best Computer Deals Anywhere" in my fucking driveway and walking away....
Be glad, CP had at one point left a Remington 870 12 Guage shot gun at the door at once despite the package was labeled firearms, 18+ signature required. Ammunition also has be heard left that way.
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