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Umm have you heard about the Gungas forum? just post and ask how many people broke their flute valve, and btw its 500 rounds, unless I misput it, people say expected life for a plastic one is 700 with lowest commonly at 500. Also the aluminium nozzle is not fault at the nozzle it self but the nozzle head, it is supplied with a plastic one, and those thing does snap, just like mine and about a dozen of others. No offense, I just can't stand people destroying innovation with clones, especially low quality goods. RA-Tech is even questioning on whether they should go forth with a GHK mod co2mag after recent news of alpha test clone of RA-Tech Burst Kit cloned by JDT with factories in China.
I'm actually grateful for clones, like that ra-tech won't monopolize their market with their $275USD bolt carrier.

Competition brings better prices.
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Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.
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