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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
So your saying all those positive reviews are fake/bs???

Iv shot 300 rounds through the regular nozzle with propane, still no issues. Ra-Tech plastic nozzle is better so it should last over 300 rounds. Their alu one has reports of thousands of rounds, with no issues.
I haven't bought the ra-tech bolt carrier, waiting for the chinese one. But i know a handfull of Canadian users, no issues with them (fitted on WA/AGM/G&P).

Unless yours personally failed over and over, i wouldn't give much thought about the handfull of negative reviews over the hundred+ positive reviews...

Keep us updated with the gen2 nozzle please
Umm have you heard about the Gungas forum? just post and ask how many people broke their flute valve, and btw its 500 rounds, unless I misput it, people say expected life for a plastic one is 700 with lowest commonly at 500. Also the aluminium nozzle is not fault at the nozzle it self but the nozzle head, it is supplied with a plastic one, and those thing does snap, just like mine and about a dozen of others. No offense, I just can't stand people destroying innovation with clones, especially low quality goods. RA-Tech is even questioning on whether they should go forth with a GHK mod co2mag after recent news of alpha test clone of RA-Tech Burst Kit cloned by JDT with factories in China.
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