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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Never heard of a broken flute, its made of CNC airplane grade alu....
Their has been ONE report of a problematic flute valve that was changing fps after a dozen mags. Ra-tech changed his flute valve and that user didn't report of any other problem. I was able to fiddle with one + talk to ra-tech about it, and honestly i do see it self adjust after 2-3 games, so just re-adjust it and you are set for another 2-3 games. Theirs even a locktite made for problems like that.
Use the alu nozzle.
Use the alu nozzle.
Dude, how many rounds have you go through your CCC? I broke 3 out of 5k, there's people break more than that. Look at the part, no matter how strong it is, the joint makes it weak, I don't care how much you quinch that steel (hypathateically made of steel) its still gonna to get through the bending. As for Aluminium nozzle, Gen1 gives really slow FPS, like an AK. Gen2 is just out and problems have not surface, (Im receiving gen2 btw)

Man I love playing Devil's Advocate.
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