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figured out why Opticsplanet charged so much with USPS:
They calculate every good seperately, aka if you buy 10 different pouches, the system is thinking they're sending 10 packages.

Anyways, I didn't know ESS prevent US dealer sell internationally (ESS themselves) so my order from Opticsplanet is cancelled. I took on Camstick Canada instead since my $100 off coupon is working once again (for 6 months camstick was offline and my coupon only have 1 year)
I'm still kinda fussy that no one in Canada has the ESS Tan Turbofan, and the fact its like $40 more expensive with shipping factored in.

Originally Posted by Farmboy View Post
Don't buy Blackhawk then

We do carry some Blackhawk though.
Sorry I'm just sold by its price and the quality. (The fact that I want a unholy crusade on China also comes in play)
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