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I was at a paintball field for my buddies b-day (i cheated on airsoft ) anyway some 12 year old has one of the best paintball guns built 1000$ and there parrents drive up buy him some paint, best quality and im stuck with a rental. where on opposite teams and he just lights me up in the chest with 8 paintballs. As i was walking by he was like dude you fucking suck. Replying back to him i said go to walmart and buy a airsoft gun and lets meet back here and see if you can talk smack. Him replying ill get my momi to buy me the best gun available bitch!

heres the punch line!!!

he got a grenade to the face fell over cracked his 300$ barrel over a rock and yelled MOMI i got lit up like you did from daddy that one day!!!

i swear that my life only lived for that moment
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