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Originally Posted by Steven View Post
An SCS is a custom Hop-up Nub that provides more surface contact when applying hop-up, therefore creating a more accurate shot.

In regards to the Hopup rubber washing, if you Lubed the actual rubber, take it out, and wash it with dish soap. Dry, and voila. This could also be caused by Lubing your mags, which would in turn lube your hop-up. Running a full clip of the Lubed BB's should wipe most of it away, and increase accuracy.

After years of tinkering I have come to the firm conclusion that hop-ups should never be lubed, at all, ever, regardless of brand or what the owner's manual says. This will mean some wear, and you may have to change hop-up sleeves or adjusters from time to time, but so what?

Also, your BB is of concern. Use a quality BB, the heavier the better if consistancy is your goal. Never cheap out on BBs.
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