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Originally Posted by hattrick View Post
You know your an airsofter when, u've bought enough propane to last the average camper a DECADE.
So true i swear my neighbors think somethings up that the fact my recycle bin always has a half dozen propane canisters in it.

when your 3000$ credit card statement has only Airsoft Parts/gear/guns bills on it and its maxed. this is also true I just got my statement today

When you get your paycheck and your wife says everytime "NO YOUR NOT GETTING ANOTHER GUN!!!!!!!"......True again

Now for the airsoft joke.
my team and i were sitting on the feild when a 16 yearold paintballer goes walking by. NOTE he has spike multicolored hair, and every time he would walk by he would see us staring at him. Till finally he came over and said "whats your problem old man(im 35) never do anything crazy when you were younger. this was obviously a shot at me. Without missing a beat my brother says "Ya he got stoned and fucked a peacock, we were all just wondering if you were his kid.

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