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USPS/Canada Post are usually a bit better when it comes to brokerage, but you still get the shaft. What's great too is most of the sites you get murdered on shipping to canada offer FREE US shipping.

That's why i'm glad i'm only 45 minutes from the border. I order all my stuff from the US, ship it to the closest UPS store (5 minutes from the border), and drive across and get it myself. No brokerage, 5 bucks at the store to pickup the package, some gas money and pay bridge tolls and tax on the items and i'm back home in under 3 hours.

Any time the shipping looks nuts, i won't buy from that store. Sometimes you can find a store that charges more for the part/piece but they charge less for shipping so it works out in the end.

Heck, i gotta go down to snag some coil springs i ordered for my dads car soon.
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