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I`ve been trying to match the orders a little closer to the demand size, and each order is bigger than the next. I do quarterly orders so my retailers can also preorder if they choose to - if they don`t and I still have stock, then I don`t order any earlier than quarter. But there where some surprises this year and the volume has been up even with my projections. I prefer JIT ordering as it saves me money and I can time the Canadian dollar which lets me keep the bag price low. So its a lot of witchcraft. But, BBs are in and are being distributed as we speak, I am just arranging a time with for a dropoff, then you will see a large stock available that should take them through the fall and early winter.

Sorry for the trouble guys, I know its a pain in the ass and I am trying to rectify it. I`ve formalized wholesale ordering for my larger retailers and bastards and they know the order cycle now - so I am relying in part for them to not order from me at the last minute, BUT, they are retailers and BBs aren`t their only products, so I understand when they get caught off guard and I get an emergency order - so I try to help everyone out by spreading around the supply.
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