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Insane shipping cost.... *Rant alert*

I don't know what Optics Planet think fabric is made of, but apparently a
pair of boots
ESS goggle
double pistol pouch
dump pouch

would cost $160 for a USPS Shipping, or $190 for Priority. What do they think fabric are made of? Lead? I honestly don't think you need to have 4X area of packing peanuts for this. (Mt laptop package had 1:10 ratio of packing peanuts...its a year and I still use em to ship out goods...)

And yea, I choose UPS Saver for half the cost of USPS express (Priority is $6 off, hopefully like the site said using higher end UPS I can avoid Brokeage) (I know about them, but lately I'm really pissed off at Canada Post for saying twice they deliver my package and the third time saying my address doesn't exist when I can see it from google maps.

Sorry I just have to rant cause this is unbelieveable.
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