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This posted on JOC, seems a little different from what the msn and every thing else was.


Here is my side of the story...

Jason (outcast569) had a deal where i would receive a gas blow back pistol with accessories for three installments. Jason handed over the weapon and gear after the first payment. for 2 weeks i had this pistol there were a couple issues with the weapons slide but each time i used it jason was present with me and each time he took the weapon apart and lubed it with the proper lube. This happened about 3 times in total. Last friday we were at bragg creek there we about 10-12 of us playing and i was using the pistol in many of the games. each can vouch for it working. i received news that weekend that a family emergency happened back in ontario had occurred .... A death in the family on my fiances side. I then bought her a plane ticket home which caused me not to be able to pay Jason the rest of the money owed for the pistol and gear. When informed jason of this he became angry and talk me that he needed the money for he had already spent money on a new gun. after arguing for awhile about what we should do... jason and i agreed that he would get his weapon and all the gear back and i would get about 60% of my money back... when i gave back his stuff and received my money jason called me telling me that the gun was broken... i know the weapon was in working order when i handed it over to jason. i also have other people who can vouch for me about how i keep my gear. if anyone has any questions about what happened between jason and i then email me at anytime... i hope this has not stopped anyone from wanting to come play friday mornings... hope to see you out there..


Oh I wont be modifying the post for readability just so others dont think Im tampering with it.
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