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Tanaka S&W M500 barrel

Hey all. I still consider myself a newbie (and will do so until the planets line up right and I can finally get to a game), so pardon if I this sounds like a stupid question.

I'm interested in getting a Tanaka M500. I decided I want to go for pure bad-assery on the revolver, since my MP5 and Hicapa do the job of effectiveness all their own, so the 8" barrel it is. I see going through the classifieds that some people are selling these guns with much shorter barrels.

My question is, if I were to buy one of the shorter barreled M500s, could I later replace it with an 8" barrel? I'm fairly certain the answer is yes but I like being 100% sure on things here.

Really looking forward to the first western-themed game come next season when I get one.
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