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It is obvious that some people here just don't understand the shipping process and the role that CBSA have in the final outcome.....and costs.
1. Shipper sends package with REQUIRED border docs
2. Courier or Postal Service moves goods to border post where the goods are placed in a bonded clearing warehouse.
3. ALL goods in transit by courier or Postal service remain in bond while the "clearing process" takes place.
4. All shipping documents are submitted to CBSA clearing agents fro approval.
5.Items are either cleared with no further delay, or pulled for further inspection
6. If item has been pulled that is being handled by a courier company, the courier companies "clearing broker" now interacts with the CBSA agent to facilitate "clearance" of item in question.
7.Item is either cleared, inspected or held subject to CBSA findings (and duty/tarrif classification).
8. Once inspected, classified and cleared, goods are returned to courier/Postal service and forwarded on to customer

It is at stage 6. that additional charges occur. Once a clearing broker becomes involved, most courier companies have a minimum flat rate of $35-45, regardless of the size or value of the package. The more complicated the clearance process, the more expensive the brokerage fees are. If the CBSA agent feels that the goods need to be classified, it is the broker agent that helps in determining the best classification of the goods. But...the broker does not have the final is CBSA (right or wrong)

So, if your item is not pulled by CBSA, then there are no additional shipping fees. If it is pulled, then you are going to pay brokerage fees as well.....even if no additional duties or tarriffs are assessed.

Evike(and many other US/Asian companies shis tons of Airsoft stuff to Canada. So, they and quite a few other US and Asian companies are targeted as they are known to CBSA for retailing goods which may be in violation of Canadian import laws.

If you want to minimize the risk of additional Canadian. If you want to benefit from buying from retailers with greater selection of goods and less expensive pricing, then there is a chance you are going to pay the price for this luxury!

But 9 times out of 10 the Retailer (Evike or other) has NOTHING to do with additional costs as a result of shipping across the border (unless there has been an error in the shipping docs..which in that case you would have recourse with CBSA, the retailer as well as the shipper).

No...blame Canada's vague laws pertaining to Airsoft...and our friends at CBSA (and their known ill will towards Airsoft.

Uneducated flame threads are a bit annoying
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