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Well if you fill in your profile we could probably help you a lot more. We could point you to AV reps and games near you. Some AV'ers are willing to meet halfway (eg you live in City A but AV rep lives in City C however city B is half way in between so you both meet there).

Also there are carpools sometimes and the only cost is gas money.

I guess airsoft can be summed up like this: You know paintball right? Well if you've played milsim paintball or even woodsball it's like that except more tactically/objective oriented.

Don't worry airsoft isn't going anywhere any time soon so you've got all the time in the world to save your money. Don't do what most of the university students do and spend money on guns and have to sell them to pay for tuition/food/textbooks (or possibly rent/mortgage payments).

Like I said before, the minimum to start off (with your own gear) is $500 right off the bat for the minimum equipment (mask, gun, BDU's, a few midcap mags) and another $400-500 over the next 4-5 months (extra mags, extra battery, vest to carry mags and equipment). However if you do go the rental route it should cost ~$100 for the day (buy a set of basic OD BDU's from a surplus store, gun rental, BB's and field fee, I'm assuming you have your own hiking boots here otherwise add another $80-120).
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