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Originally Posted by baker_Jeff View Post
You are too good of a person. You trusted him, it broke while in his hands, and he shafted you. You took the high road, and he went low. Don't feel bad about your side of the situation at all. Is your gun working again now?

Yes it is, thank you for asking. I had to canabalize most of another gun for it but it was a friends tinkering piece so it wasnt as bad as it could have been.

I posted every thing a either at the top here or on the previous page if you want the details about it. Some pretty funky stuff.

OH oddly enough the slide return springs have a really easy replacment. The springs from older style clicker pens. The long and high tensioned ones lol. I used a couple of them last night as a joke and only got about 7 shots off before they broke but hey it works in a pinch I guess.
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