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Originally Posted by arman View Post
i dont think you can do anything.... you gave him the gun without getting the full ammount. your fk up.
With all due respect, if your going to post a simple your screwed up comment realize that in the previous pages (if you read them) there are others that say that as well.

I realize I made the mistake of being naive with this sale and trusting a buyer. As was stated I setup the shaft and sat on it myself.

But had you read the rest of the thread Im fairly positive you would also see that I did get the short end here by trying to be a good person to another human being that needed it. Naive and stupid but good non the less.

Basically what Im trying to say is that posting a comment like that has no value when others have already done it numerous times. And all it does it clutter a thread with pointless posts.

Ive already had Mods, retailers and AV'ers thats I usually see as skeptics and cynical people agree that I got the short end. These people are the main focus of this thread for me right now as it is them that are likely to have contact with this fellow again.

The only other reason it was even publicly posted was for others to make there own decision about this person and act accordingly in the future if they buy/sell from him.

But again the value of a simple "you f*ked up" comment is neither helpful or needed at this point. Its pretty much like telling some one to look up definition for redundancy. Pointless.

I really dont mean to sound rude but its amazing that people seem to think that reiterating that I was too trusting, and new to selling helps the situation at all. Ive already received alot of PM's with that message more or less and only about ten out of about thirty or so actually helpful.

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