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"Never left my holster"... What bullshit.

He clearly played with it, then decided to tinker with it. Then he had no idea how to put it back together properly, so he slapped it together improperly, while missing pieces, and somehow breaking others (probably by putting it back together wrong lol), and then gave it back.

What a tool.

Post all of this up on the JOC forums

BTW, I posted this at 1337 o clock... 1:37pm... So it must be an epic post!

Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
So quick update. Buddy managed to fix the gun, ended up cannibalize another gun for most the inner parts. I think what amazed me most was that 1 of the slide return springs was missing and the other was what crimped every few coils.

I have no bloody clue how you can even manage that. Seeing as they are covered and all.

Also the piston cap had a large hole in it. Well large in relation to the part itself. And the only thing else I noticed was the decocking lever was cracked all most all the way through.

Now thats just what I noticed lol. I am by no means a guntech and obviously missed a whole lot compared to the work that went into it last night. However I did learn an awful lot about them so thats a bonus at least.

But hey I guess thats the advantage of having an Aircraft Maintenance Tech with a machine shop as a best friend .
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