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So quick update. Buddy managed to fix the gun, ended up cannibalize another gun for most the inner parts. I think what amazed me most was that 1 of the slide return springs was missing and the other was what crimped every few coils.

I have no bloody clue how you can even manage that. Seeing as they are covered and all.

Also the piston cap had a large hole in it. Well large in relation to the part itself. And the only thing else I noticed was the decocking lever was cracked all most all the way through.

Now thats just what I noticed lol. I am by no means a guntech and obviously missed a whole lot compared to the work that went into it last night. However I did learn an awful lot about them so thats a bonus at least.

But hey I guess thats the advantage of having an Aircraft Maintenance Tech with a machine shop as a best friend .

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