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Section 8

I made a thread a few months ago when I first joined this forum about them. They listed prices as $0, and I was thinking it was some 'too good to be true' thing. A lot of you told me it was probably just poor business practice for 'out of stock'. I inquired them about the real prices by phone and they were not even sure about the prices, and the receptionist seemed hesitant to give me straight answers on anything. The fact that they didn't have an internet credit card payment and they wanted me to give them my credit card number through the phone was a big red flag for me. Well, I like snooping around websites to see any updates. The site was down for a few months I believe. A notice said they were down for maintenance. Now, they are back up, and the prices say
'Inquire for details'/'Call for pricing'. Would this mean they would try and haggle for a price attempting to rip you off? Or could it just be a scam entirely where someone foolish enough to pay is ripped off and they shut down for a few months at a time. I was curious if this retailer even had a presence here. Thoughts or comments?

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