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I meant someone on the classfields here ><
of course I understood it wouldn't be done at the factory.
If you are comparing new CYMA mechboxes to new JG mechboxes, then
this old gen1 JG416 already had a metal spring guide.
the latest ones.... which is still March 28 of this year
Anyways, a friend got his Gen1 JG416 with a butt-load of aftermarket parts and mags, ect. for $400+shipping I think...
Also, the reciever was already cracked when I opened the packaging. I've had the gun for a little bit over a year, but use it rarely, just because I tend to not want to go near cheap parts.

I'll be unbiased for about 2 seconds. With marui gears and a MS100SP spring, the trigger response on a 9.6 mini is excellent.

EDIT: also, if you do something like strip a piston, fine, it's a cheap fix. But honestly, if the gun has nylon bushings and they crack, or bearing bushings that shatter... it'll be a much more costly fix, probably ending up with needing a gear set replacement too...
upgrading and preventative maintenance are different things IMO... And yeah... back on topic lol.

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