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lol it's true, if you're talking about JG and Cyma rebrands like Echo1 and Cybergun, then yeah maybe some preventive maintenance was done. But stock, straight from China JG and Cyma are at par with each other.

From what I've seen it's like 1 in 8 krakens that has problems in stock form, alot of people I know have used them for a long time without so much as a hopup change, which is why I would consider it a good starter platform, but we are straying from the point here, the gun in this "review" if you can call it that is a piece of shit and must be purged!

Don't buy into the whole "oh you gotta reshim and relube your stock gun" BS, you buy a gun, you play with it until it breaks or until you feel like upgrading it, by then you should know if you like the gun to begin with, and whether you want to commit more money to it.

Too many noobs get caught up in upgrading, I say buy a fuckin gun and get out to a field, don't stay in your basement shooting targets at 30ft, you will NEVER know how that gun is gonna perform in the field that way, and you will never know how YOU will perform in the field that way either.

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