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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
I have a kraken too =.=
Nylon bushings. And after about 5000 rds, they were wobbling like crazy in their sockets.
The plastic body cracked at most of the holes for the screws too. Rather than buying a new kraken, I'm suggesting someone purchase a used JG that will probably have had metal bushings installed, maybe a metal spring guide, and had preventative maintenance anyways.
Also the air seal is poor enough that it leaks even if I push the nozzle all the way against the cylinder head.
The $200 difference isn't that much really...
The spring(keep in mind the shitty air seal with a horrible clear nozzle and piston head o-ring) was shooting 380 even in around -15 weather.
I don't want to break your bubble but I'll give you my 2 cents here.

JG does not come with a metal spring guide(Metal bushings, new versions probably do have it), and they don't have preventative maintenance done on them before hand. Even if they do, it won't be a very impressive one.

Let's give you a hundred steps and actually believe that they do have preventative work done at the factory. What do you think will happen? The labour fee you pay for the gun will skyrocket(A good shimming job takes at least half an hour). It will also slow down production rate, lowering general revenue for the company. Do you honestly think that a ~$300 can pay for all this? If they are already using sub-quality parts, they won't care about doing a good job assembling the whole thing.

As for the screw holes cracking, that's just the use over-tightening the screw. You will get the same result off of a JG ABS or even TM ABS plastic body. Nothing is abuse-proof.

In addition, the nylon bushings inside your Kraken, it's probably the older version correct? First time I worked on a kraken was last mid year I believe, and they had a metal bushing in that already. In fact, they had metal bushings inside the Aftermath Lycaon when I reviewed it some time last year(Check my review for reference). Moreover, just a few months back, all JG guns came standard with Nylon bushings, and by this time all Aftermath guns came standard with Metal bushings.

If I had a choice, I would buy the Kraken and then upgrade it. For the $200, it's really not different between JG and a Kraken. JG is probably slightly better overall, and I would probably pay $50 max for the difference of that quality. The other $150 I can spend buying Modify parts from Jugglez or something.

Oh, and by the way, never take info given on a store website seriously. One time we had a store saying the Kraken came with a metal body here in Canada.

But then again realistically speaking, i'd never go for either JG or Kraken ... so ya take that however you like haha.

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