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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
The kraken isn't a proper starter gun ><
it'll shoot pretty decently for about 5000-7500 rds, then the poor quality nylon bushings would crack under the immense heat and impact caused by poor shimming and (what I suspect to be, because of the HORRIBLE air seal) ~M130-M140 powered spring. Then the low grade ZN or NZ (or whatever the hell they are) gears would shatter, ruining many more components in the mechbox....
and then you end up with a plastic body, and some lube that looks like alien gore.
Learning to upgrade guns, and swapping in a M90, followed by a reshim and relube is the only way. But that means taking it to a gun doc; which would end up being not much better than buying a pre-tuned JG from the classfields... Since Krakens are running for ~$200 new now a days....
I must be really lucky I have shot more than 5000-7500 rounds already.
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