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Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
Oh my goodness. it's an airsoft gun, it shoots airsoft bbs.
You saw the title of the thread.. if you didnt like it, you shouldnt have clicked on it.
Like come on there's noobs out there that are wanting to get a starter gun, and might want to see a review on it. Stop flaming and click the 'back' button on your web browser.
Lol this shit don't qualify as airsoft, it's not even worthy being called a beginner gun, and the nerve of him to compare it to the plastic JG's that VA sells is FUCKING RETARDED,

I would love to see him make a video of him smashing this piece of garbage up with a hammer, that's the only thing that could save this FAIL thread, go somewhere else if you want to discuss shitty clearsoft, this ain't the place for that nonsense.

You want to talk starter guns, talk Aftermath, that line is worthy of the title, the only thing shit like is worthy of is the garbage.
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