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Generally to my understanding the big box stores (Canadian Tire, Cabelas, SIR, Walmart) will do the work for you to get the guns in country. They have the money, resources, and connections usually so it shouldn't be a problem for them to bring in a few shipping containers worth of cheap crosman guns over the border. It's a different story if you do it yourself though since most customs agents tend to err on the side of caution (if it looks like a gun seize it and let the RCMP/CBSA appeals deal with it).

Now you could argue it and have it undergo testing and whatnot but in the end it's just a lot of headache.

Note the cheap guns you get at Canadian Tire ad Walmart won't be upgradeable with standard upgrade parts.

If you want to just plink at a summer home (outside of city limits) it might be best to get a .177 pellet gun (like an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle or just a simple Daisy).

If it's to game at fields that we play at (there are a variety of groups which include WWI re-enactors with strict kit requirements (must have this, or that and no substitutions), to Vietnam reenactors, to regular groups who go out and sling plastic at each other and have minimal kit requirements (mask, BDU's, boots, and water bottle and you're good to go)) a better route is to get AV'ed and drop at least $300 on a gun.

Don't get too turned off if people are a bit "elitist" (one guy got turned off since he thought that every group had really strict requirements but the problem was he was looking at the wrong group) but you should realize there is a minimum commitment just like in ice hockey sure you could go to the consignment store and get used stuff but you must have certain pieces of equipment (ice skates, helmet, stick) in order to play/join a team.

EDIT: If you want to try it out contact a local team/club and see if anyone has a gun and some equipment to rent out to you for a day and drop in. There's only so much you can learn from the internet and actually being at the field is a lot better in the sense that you actually experience it. You can talk about driving for hours on end on a forum but you'll never experience it until you actually do it. It's actually better to rent some good quality gear for a day than getting crap stuff and not liking it. There is some stuff that you need before you can go to a game but it's minimal, usually if it's a paintball field they can rent you out safety gear but you should have good hiking boots and a set of BDU's at minimum (Canadian OG-107 (Olive Drab) can be found for like $50-60 for a set from most army surplus stores)
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