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Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
To clear this up, no he wasnt a friend out side airsoft. He posted about hosting friday mornings at a paintball field as a new player into Alberta.

I used this gun since May when I bought it for Claybank. It worked for a full week AFTER I sold it to him (his own admission)and the day he gives it back to me it no longer works.

Gun worked the last time I saw it at the field. But does not work the day he gives it back to me. I called him not 20 min after he drove away from my house about it.

so he admited that it worked.. so his "never came out of the holster" statement is a lie

alright.. I stand corrected... this fellow is a liar and his word is worth nothing.. Knave! Scoundrel!

Still... don't set yourself up to find this out about people...If you had done a cash deal .. you would not be dealing with this. and everyone would still be happy little gun buddies
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