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I know you'll do what's right/fair...I know where you park your car ('nuff said)..HAHAHA just kidding....or am I??...I am, sort of

To Outcast...
I didn't see that you had taken it back. If you took your stuff back...the deal is done, the issue is done...and you fucked up. If you gave him back his original amount of money...the deal is super done and you're SOL. got the shaft...but you stood it upright and sat yourself down on it.

It is completely your word against his. Why it broke, under what terms either of you could back out of a deal, what "warranty" (warranties are 100% useless in airsoft) you'd offer.

To be frank...if he bought a gun and it didn't work 1 second after he test fired and accepted it....then he bought a broken gun.

I recently sold a pistol to a buddy...we both put 2 mags through it before he took it home. He was 100% happy with it. Then I get a call the next day from him saying that it's locking up and not working. What to do? Immediately, I offered to take a look at it and see if anything could be remedied. Today I called him and offered him the choice of giving it back or having it looked at to see if could be fixed. Is the latest offer above and beyond....personally I don't think so. I trust him that when he says that he didn't do anything to it, I believe him. I don't want him to be soured by the fact that the "new" pistol that he just bought doesn't work.

On the flip side....I just bought an AGM M4 GBBR. Used once. Bought it from a teammate. The mag was disassembled so I couldn't test fire it when he brought it over. Cursory visual seemed to be ok. I accepted it and paid him. After reassembling the mag...I got just a couple of shots off through it before it locked up. After wrestling with it, I found that the bolt was completely shattered.
- Was I bummed?....yes, I have a $400 paperweight.
- Was I pissed at myself?
- Was I pissed at my teammate? (although I called him, swore A LOT and we ended up laughing about it). No because I knew that the item I was buying was a finicky thing that stood a good chance of breaking.
- Did he offer a refund to me? That would have been great, but not expected.
- I sold it for $200 the next day....$200 pissed away
- Does my wife think I'm an idiot? Yes...she spent a good bit of time making sure I was crystal clear on that point.


Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
He has nothing to pay for... you gave him his money back.. he gave you back the gun

the deal is done ... the fact that it does not work is NOT HIS PROBLEM.. he says he never used it.. so unless you are going to call him out as a liar .. obviously it was not as working as you thought it was.

you screwed up 2 times

1. by delivering a gun before it was paid for
2. by accepting it back and giving him the money..

so its just as if the deal never happened .. what difference does it make that the gun now does not work ... Either HE broke your gun or you did but it was your gun

he just borrowed it ... and you had no agreement that he would fix it if he broke it..

so lesson learned

and by the way you botched the communication after the fact

What you should have said..

is too bad about your death in the family , sorry for your loss

and walked away wiser

the ROOT cause here is thet you did not get your money up front..

ALL of this .. including the fact that you now have a new enemy that sounds like he can cut you out of the local community is your fault because you choose to not do this transaction in a business like manner

There is a litany of similar deals gone sour threads on here.. all of them have similar trends... Trust is poor glue ... CASH is cement

you screwed up.. and continued to screw up... and now you earned the reward

By the way..... Everything that Tyson said above is ALSO 100% True

that's the thing with bad deals.. its all fu**ed up

and Tys... don't worry.. you know i"m good for it
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