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That's a rough deal.

I would feel that you are entitled to your goods back, and entitled to keep the "deposit" he made. Call it payment for time/ it a rental fee...whatever. But that's your money in your pocket and should not be returned regardless.

In the end, he owes you the amount he promised, and what you agreed to in good faith. It's entirely up to you if you want to take your goods back and relieve him of his financial obligations to you. Personally, you sold that stuff 'cause you didn't want don't really want it back, but getting something of potential value is better than getting a kick in the nuts.

Otherwise...speak to all the game hosts and have them blacklist him until he settles this sideways deal with you. Petition the forums to degrade his account until he settles to your satisfaction.

Absolutely though...shit happens and real life should take priority...but being responsible is a priority as well. The "perks" of being a responsible person with regards to airsoft are (or at least should be)...1) being allowed to play at the various venues and 2) being allowed to participate in the community. Irresponsible = remove perks.'s incredibly irritating if someone who has money outstanding because they "just can't make ends meet and are down on their luck", or bitches and whines that they don't have the money for basic stuff (i.e. googles, bbs, propane adaptor, boots, etc...), sure finds the time/effort/money to come out to games and shoot it up for a night. All that does is make it glaringly obvious that they consider their personal indulgances a higher priority than their commitments to others. I.E. They don't f*cking care about paying long as they get to shoot it up for the evening with your gun they got for a great deal.

Cause tension...ban the a** him out of town... (I'm a little grumpy at the moment, that may not be the best way to go about things after a moment of reflection...LOL)

*to hand over things without full payment is kind of silly...but it's your judgement call. But, I bet you won't be easily inclined to do that again will you? However, you do have to trust your judgement...and learn to live with the consequences of them.

For example, I'm going to lend a friend about $200-400 in radio equipment and other additional personal items for a game that I'm not even going to. I take him at his word that he'll take care of it as if it were his own. I'm not going to ask for a security deposit...I'm not going to go after him if something breaks (but I think that he'll do what's fair if something goes horribly wrong). I'm going to be bummed if it's all trashed...but that's life.

Just my $0.02. Hope it works out for you in the end.


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