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Alrighty, so after some chatting with out even mentioning him paying me back this is what happened.

Outcast is my self ( Guitar, W. Jason )
Rob is (Robincalgary, Rob Hassell off the JOC boards)

After a few comments of the gun not working when I called him

Rob says:
figure out whats wrong with it

Outcast. says:
No, either way Im getting shafted now

Rob says:
you better not think im shafting you

Outcast. says:
Doesnt really matter at this point.

Rob says:
so in short you think i am...

Outcast. says:
No death in the family is a valid reason for needing cash. But look at it this way. I sold a working gun and when I get it back is broke. Last I knew it worked fine. You say it did. But in the end Im out a gun.
I dont do subdelty if I think your deliberatly messing with me Id say that

Rob says:
now your calling me a liar... you better choose your next words very carefully... i don't take disrespect very well...

Outcast. says:
Like i said subdelty isnt a strong suit. If I thought you were deberatly screwing me Id call you on it. All I know is that neither one of us can explain why is not working at this time. If I thought you were like that I wouldnt have sold it to you in the first place.

Rob says:
you know it was working the last time we played... i was shooting you with it... you can not denie that

Outcast. says:
You are right. I know it was. I also know that I had no issues with it for 6 months. Every game you had issues with it for various reasons. What confusses me is how it suddenly stoppes working in that week. You cant say you wouldnt be curious.
Mainly cause you told me it didnt leave the holster, Ive never seen that real or airsoft. The only time any thing like that happens is lack of maitnence. And last friday I did it of all and you said you didnt take it apart so I have to assume that its still lubed correctly

Rob says:
you really starting to piss me off...

Outcast. says:
Piss you off all it comes to but if you were in my position you wouldnt be to happy about the situation either. If you got a broken gun and were out 500 you would be pissed off to.

Rob says:
i would look into it but i wouldn't go accusing and pointing fingers til i had proof....
something you seem incapable of doing

Outcast. says:
All i said word for word was I sold it in good working order and with in the span of a week it does not work. Thats not accusing or pointing fingers at all. Thats exactly what happened.

Rob says:
im done... this is retarded... i got my money back you got your gun and gear back... we are done... you lost a shooting buddy and a friend.... you are no longer welcome at any game i arrange... if we happen to go to the same game arraged by someone else do not expect a warm welcome from me... im done... might as well loose my number and my msn address...
if you bad mouth me in anyway or anywhere and i find out about it i will inform everyone i know about it and you will be charged with defimation a character
leave it as is and i will do the same
good bye

And that it as of 11:35AM that was the last message...

Really how do I proceed from here? I know I look like a tool here and trust me I feel it. Is it possible for him to do what he is saying?

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