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I feel like Im getting screwed.

So I sold a GBB to a fellow. It came with 2 mags and gear to go with it. Now we agreed on the full amount at first then the first time I see him he wants to do installments... Well alright I guess Ill get my cash any way just a little slower so no matter. We agree on installment payments on every Friday until its paid off and that's fine with me, bills need to be paid and such.

So when I sold this pistol to him I stripped it all down, relubed it, made sure it all works and then gave it to him for the first payment.

A week later he says he does not have the 2nd installment cash at the time and says the following week he will give it all to me (The 2 other installments)when we meet up for a game. I'm annoyed at this point but no matter, stuff happens and I figure its part of selling guns.

Now I get a call 2 days ago (2 days before he is supposed to pay me the rest of it, $340) saying something came up and he needs his first installment back and he will give me the gun back.

Now at this point I'm fairly pissed off in general. It's now 3 weeks Ive been hooped with this deal. In the end I agree to it to help him out (not sure why at this point) trying to be a good seller, as Ive seen sellers roasted here for trying to hurt buyers. That not the reputation I wanted to start off with here.

Now to top it all off he took an additional 2 days to get me my gun back, but soon as I went inside to test it and make sure every thing is fine with it I find it does not work now.

All I know is that it worked perfectly when I gave it to him and now it does not. I called him up again and he said he didn't do anything to it. Though this whole deal with him has put me on edge for his reliability.

What I'm curious about is does it seem like I'm getting the shaft here? There seems something wrong with all of this and me getting back a gun that no longer works after I know it did when I sold it seems like I'm getting the bad end here.

Any one have any suggestions on how to handle this? This was my first sale and needless to say it left me with a very bad impression. Again any help that can be given would be amazing.

Thank you in advance,

Guitar, W. Jason

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