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In regards to consistency - BB Bastard brand BB products are often offered because they are a predictably performing product. Much like how Coke always tastes like Coke and Pepsi tastes like Pepsi, BB Bastard has its own custom manufacturing to specifications unique to our brand. We don't ricebag product and we don't have multiple suppliers, so our product is consistent and predictable, which is what an airsofter wants. Consistency of product is critical to both the novice player and the multiyear vets. AEGs and AEPs and PTWs are often tuned to precise tolerances and because the BB Bastard BB is the same from batch to batch and bag to bag, matching your airsoft gun to your ammunition when that ammunition is the same in weight, diameter, polish, density and balance, repeated optimal and consistent performance is assured.

So, with BB Bastard you don't have to worry about inconsistency between batches.
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