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It's funny how the Metal-Tech BBs seem to be getting a bad rap lately.

I bought over 2 cases of them back in early 2007, and those sat at the retailer since perhaps late-2005 or 2006 at the latest. They were the only BBs out of 2-3 others that would feed and perform flawlessly in the PTWs. Madbull (economy ones) chopped like crazy, KSC Perfect were terrible, Excel were terrible.

I did not try anything made after that, as I had over 100K rounds and still had about 25K left when I moved to the Madbull IPSC 0.30g.

This goes to show that even different batches, perhaps soruced differently or using a different process can have dramatic differences. If you find a BB you like, buy a case of them, if you buy a bag or 2 at a time, be prepared to deal with issues due to batch/tolerance differences on an ongoing basis.
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