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Review- G&P M14 mechbox complete


I own two TM M14's and one already has a G&P mechbox shell installed, it is currently running 430 fps.

My other mechbox was stock and I decided to swap it out for the complete mechbox.


Some parts were installed wrong when I got the mechbox. The nozzle spring was bent and sticking out and the bearing and spring for the trigger was upside down. (WTF??)

There was a crack down the side from the mold process, however, it is not in a stressed area and is perpendicular to the piston motion, so it should be fine.

The package contained the complete mechbox and the screws for the motor cage and the spring for the trigger.


You need the following parts from your old mechbox

motor, motor cage and wires

You will need to solder the wires to and from the boxes.

The G&P omits the safety electrical disconnect on the right hand side, so you will have an extra wire when you are done.

This confused me for a second as I notice it was missing the holes for the electrical switch so I was wondering how the heck to put it on, answer is that they removed it all together.

The two wires from the motor solder to the left hand plunger thingy, I did not need to remove it from the box to soder, there is lots of room for the iron.

After all that, pulling the trigger with either a mini 9.6 or a large 7.2 produced a nice crisp shot.

I put it all back together and the chrono told me 382-397 fps with madbull .2g


Looks like a product with many corners cut.
The crack is unprofessional
The mechbox was put together by blind children
some parts are different from TM


Price was excellent for what you get (175 from airsoftparts)
it fit in the body very well, all the holes lined up
It simplifies the design
fps is what it claims


I would buy it again given the choice


I bought a second one, no crack, but the nozzle spring was still messed up and the spring and bearing for the trigger was upside down again.

fps is 360 for the second one

fps on the first box had dropped to 380 last chroney

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