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Don't upgrade unless you know what you want. If you're going to upgrade for the heck of it thats actually discouraged since you can do more damage especially if you're inexperienced. Get a gundoc to walk you through it but for the most part don't upgrade until you get a feel for the gun and have a specific goal in mind.

The battery will last you about 1100 shots give or take.

The numbers and stuff on the battery means:

1.2v cells (7 of them to get 8.4V) using 2/3A size cells with 1100 milliamperes of current.

Buy 1 or 2 more mini 8.4V batteries for the day and you should be good to go. If you have a wall charger that came with your package that goes in the garbage and you should get a proper charger to condition your batteries and keep them in tip top shape.
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